About Us


Love Actually Charity is established to facilitate and help families of children with special educational needs by providing community support and services including:

  • Online and offline classes / kids’ camps
  • Educational workshops / expert consultations
  • Family Day events for social networking
  • Online resources and IT applications
  • Eventually a dedicated community canter and helpline

All of which will be available for free or at an affordable cost. Our mission is ‘Knowledge & Love, To Share & To Connect’.


The aim of Love Actually is to facilitate children with special educational needs, leveraging their personal potential and raising their awareness. We not only help Chinese families living in Ireland but also work on expanding our beneficiary basis to local communities.

We also encourage multiculturalism as well as integration and support initiatives that strengthen the bond between the Chinese and local communities in Ireland.

Our Journey

Love Actually was founded in 2014 by Ms Qian LI, a Chinese professional who has been working and living in Ireland since 2002. In the summer of 2014, Qian took a holiday back home and discovered that her friend was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. It was such a blow to Qian that upon her return to Ireland, she decided to help her friend by raising funds among her friends and peers. The online we-chat group was set up since then and has eventually become Love Actually Charity today.

After four years of commitment in the spirit of philanthropy, on October 18th 2018, Love Actually was approved as a registered charity in Ireland, with our charity cause to help children with special educational needs. Our registered charity number (RCN) is 20201673 and CHY is 22213.

We have grown from strength to strength and our journey continues. Please join us and lend us a hand to make our world a better place!

Our Team

Qian Li
Founder (Founded Love Actually in 2014), Board Chairperson

Yi Huang
Board Secretary, Managing Director of the Management Team
Joined Love Actually since 2015

Gedi Tang
Board member, Deputy Managing Director & Head of Fund Raising
Joined Love Actually since 2022

Shuang Yu
Board Member, Head of Beneficiary Services and Culture
Joined Love Actually since 2021

Kensi Liang
Board Member
Joined Love Actually since 2022

Jiaqi Wang
Financial Controller & Compliance
Joined Love Actually since 2022

Weiyi Liu
Director (Beneficiary Services – Outreach & Education)
Joined Love Actually since 2023

Zixian Zhou
Director (Beneficiary Services – Family Events)
Joined Love Actually since 2023

Yushan Zong
Director (Marketing and IT)
Joined Love Actually since 2023

Team photo