Love Actually Virtual Talk 2021

Love Actually Talk 2021 was held online this year, thanks to near 200 attendees who joined us via zoom on 25 March. Thanks to our visual artist Angelia Xu at Art Of Brush, who produced our introductory video by using the Chinese watercolor technique backed with classical pop music by a traditional Chinese instrument Zither.

Deepa is an award-winning visual artist; author; CEO of Neon a health technology company; Visiting Professor in Immersive Futures with Ulster University Northern Ireland and serves as a non-executive director across the UK. As a thought leader and TEDx speaker, she keynotes at conferences on the intersection of creativity, technology, innovation, diversity, ethics, bias, culture, data, AI, health, and wellbeing through compelling storytelling. Deepa is invited to speak at technology conferences and by multinational corporations to develop leadership future trends and tech capabilities.
On the night, Deepa explored how virtual and augmented reality can be used by people to empower and discover new ways of managing daily challenges.

Prof. O’Neill is certainly no stranger to us all since the pandemic began last March, a professor of biochemistry in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin. Prof. O’Neill has a passion to engage with the general public on scientific topics. He also has a weekly science slot with Pat Kenny on the Irish national radio station Newstalk. In this pre-recorded interview, Prof. O’Neill discussed his view on topics ranging from the cooperation between countries in fighting infectious diseases, prevention of or preparation for the next global pandemic, to finding the right information on media. His profound scientific knowledge, combined with his trademark lucid, witty style, makes these complex questions accessible to the audience.

Sarah Peterson has practiced U.S. employment-based immigration law since 2006, helping transition foreign-born doctors, researchers, engineers, IT specialists, and managers to some of the top universities and research facilities in the U.S. She works with start-ups, non-profits, artists, and high-tech corporations. Sarah is committed to smart immigration policy and education and serves on the Board of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and works as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota Law School. She is recognized as a thought leader in U.S. immigration law.
Sarah joined us from the State of Ten Thousand Lakes-Minnesota, she concentrated on the topic of “Bridging the U.S. immigration divide.”

Reggie Selma was one of CNN’s most dedicated and knowledgeable photojournalists. In 1982, Reggie became CNN’s Washington, D.C. Bureau’s First African American cameraman assigned to the White House. Reggie has also filmed such iconic leaders Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa, who traveled from China to Ireland, all across the globe. After his CNN career, Reggie’s next chapter was that of an inspirational speaker and launching podcast later this month, titled: ‘An inspired Life, Motivational & Inspirational Stories.’
Reggie’s topic of the evening was on Post Covid: Leave the Old World Behind, Embrace the New.

We also paid tribute to all the frontline workers. And again, we salute them all to help all of us through this difficult year. And last but not least, we would like to thank our sponsors, supporters, and everyone who made this event such a success!