Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 Poetry and Cultural Exchange Event “中爱共婵娟” 2021中秋诗词文化交流会

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中爱共婵娟” 2021中秋诗词文化交流会

Sharing the Beauty of the Moon” Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 Poetry & Cultural Exchange Event

Organizer:Love Actually Charity

Co-organizer: Irish-Chinese Cultural Society

Supported by: Chinese Embassy in Ireland, Literature Ireland

Purpose of the Event: Firstly, it is an online cultural exchange event, using poetry as the theme, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 with the Chinese and Irish communities by “Sharing the Beauty of the Moon”. Secondly, it is a not-for-profit event and will be open to the public for free. Last but not least, it is a charitable event and all proceeds (e.g. sponsorship and donation received) will be donated to Love Actually Charity (CHY22213) to support children with special educational needs in Ireland.

About the Event: To celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, the poems are selected based on themes including appreciation of the beauty of the moon, homesickness, family reunion, etc. 3 Chinese guest speakers and 3 Irish guest speakers are invited to interpret and appreciate the poems. Recital performers include children with special needs sponsored by Love Actually Charity, Chinese youngsters living in Ireland, Irish youngsters who have basic knowledge of Chinese, poetry recital lovers, etc. Most recital performances will be pre-recorded with background music and then be played at the event.https://www.youtube.com/embed/NRTMAiBu5MU?start=11&feature=oembed

Online Event via Zoom Meeting 

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• Check-in time and adverts (10min) (6:50-7:00)

• Intro Video of Organisers (5min) (7:00-7:05)

• Opening Speech by Chinese Ambassador to Ireland H.E. Mr. He Xiangdong (5min) (7:05-7:10)

• Appreciation of three Chinese poems (20min) (7:10-7:30)

1) Classic Chinese Poem Opening “Prelude to Water Melody by Su Shi (Song Dynasty)” Performance from Singer Sophy accompanied by Chu Chang playing flute

2) Modern Chinese Poem “On a Mid-autumn Festival Night by Shu Ting” Recital Performer Ana, young Chinese learner in Ireland

Classic and Modern Chinese Poems Appreciation by Dr Liu Yinya

3) Feihualing (Theme of “the Moon”) Chinese Poems Relay Performance from Balbriggan Chinese Language School Students & Classic Chinese Poem “Thoughts on a Tranquil Night by Li Bai (Tang Dynasty)” Recital Performer Enze (Beneficiary Sponsored by Love Actually Charity)

Interpreting the poem from an inter-cultural perspective by Dr Linda Yang

• Appreciation of four Irish poems (25min) (7:30-7:55)

1) “The Lake Isle of Innisfree by William Butler Yeats” Recital Performer Daniel (Beneficiary Sponsored by Love Actually Charity)

To understand Yeats and his home Sligo by Susan O’Keeffe

2) Irish Poem “The Cat and The Moon by William Butler Yeats” Reciting and interpreting by Prof. Alan Fletcher

3) Irish Poem “& Forgive Us Our Trespasses by Sinéad Morrissey” Reciting and interpreting by Prof. Allen Graham

4) Poem in Irish Language “Chuig mo chéile atá ag sclábhaíocht ar an bhFalla Mór|To my husband who is labouring on the Great Wall by Gabriel Rosenstock” Recital Performer Paul Murray from Irish-Chinese Cultural Society

Poem Appreciation by Dr Qiu Fangzhe

• Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion Video from the Embassy (5min) (7:55-8:00)

• Poetry Exchange Fireside Chat (10min) & QnA with the audience (15min) (8:00-8:25) (Note: Dr Qiu Fangzhe will be the fireside chat moderator.)

• Raffle Draw (for 5 lucky audience) & Concluding remarks (5min) (8:25-8:30)

• Irish Poem Ending Performance “When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats” from Singer Li Qian accompanied by Chu Chang playing harp

-Speaker Bio-

• Dr Yinya Liu

Lecturer, Maynooth University

Chinese, School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

• Dr Linda H Yang

Program Director, Intercultural Development Program

Smurfit Business School, University College Dublin

• Director Susan O’Keeffe

Director of Yeats Society Sligo, Founder and Chair of Yeats Day

• Prof. Alan Fletcher

School of English, Drama and Film, University College Dublin

Alan Fletcher joined the School of English of UCD in 1979. Before that he taught at the Universities of Leeds and of Oxford. He is a Member of the Royal Irish Academy.

• Prof. Allen Graham

Senior Lecturer, Modern English, Department of English, University College CorkGraham Allen has published two collections of print poetry with New Binary Press, The Madhouse System (2016) and The One That Got Away (2014). He was the winner of the Listowel Single Poem Prize in 2010.

• Dr Fangzhe Qiu

Lecturer, Ad Astra Fellow, University College Dublin

School of Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore

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